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The Ordre Martinistes Souverains (O∴M∴S∴) is an independent Martinist Order, existing for the sole purpose of transmitting the Light of Martinism, void of any political or monetary aims, a sovereign order helping to raise and elevate other sovereigns. Founded in the Fall of 2013, our Ordre is a return to free Martinism, welcoming any all and all Martinists of good repute and upright conduct.

If you wish further information, please make a thorough study of this website, then contact the Grand Chancellor:

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About the O∴M∴S∴

The O∴M∴S∴ is in possession of the primary initiatic lineages of Martinism through the Papus-Chaboseau lineage, the Russian lineage of Friedrich Tiemann von Berend, the Russian Lineage from Saint Jean l'Apôtre', as well as others which shall remain unknown to the uninitiated.

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Le Collège S∴I∵

Le Collège des Superieurs Inconnus (C∴S∴I∵) is a roundtable amidst the O∴M∴S∴ composed of those who have attained the Grade of Superieur Inconnu (S∴I∵).

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Grand Conseil des Supérieurs Inconnus

The O∴M∴S∴ is governed from its centre to its circumference by the principles of sovereignty, unity and above all, truth.

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